CAP PAS CAP – Friends

Dublins dark pop wonders, Cap Pas Cap, have come along way from the more krautrock-influenced new wave sounds found on their first “Not Not is Fine” 12″ EP released at the end of 2006 (which sold out in a couple of weeks, along with the Japanese re-issue selling out in days), to the hypnotic and spacey new-wave-no-wave-what-wave terrain of their ‘We Are Men’ 12″ single in 2009 (featuring remixes from Jape, Decal & thatboytim). Now, at the end of 2010, Cap Pas Cap re-appear out of the ether, with “Haunted Light”.

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La Stampa – You Were Imaginating Things

Jan Verwoert and Jörg Heiser – German-tongue, English-writing art critics for frieze magazine and other publications – are the voices of third-order postpostpoppunk-outfit La Stampa, joined by sinus-wave-guru Reznicek (Nova Huta/Groenland Orchester) on sound generators, and the half-argentinian ex-tennis-pro and 12-tone virtuoso from Geneva, Thomas Hug on eleven finger piano. This motley crew of personalities is held together by its Bosnian heart, the Balkans-film-impresario Jons Vukorep on adrenaline drums.

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